Let’s do this together.

Experience Matters

Allison Hougland is a small business owner, a mother, a grandmother, and a proud, lifelong Olathean. Decades of experience in sales has taught her to be a good listener, build relationships, and find common ground. Now, she wants to bring these skills to Topeka to serve the citizens of Kansas and the 15th House District. 

Affordable Housing

The rising cost of housing for both buyers and renters hurts families and can hinder the American Dream of home ownership. As a realtor, Allison Hougland is passionate about the need for affordable housing, which is why she will support legislation to reduce residential property taxes.

Allison wants to:

  • Lower the assessment level for residential property from 11.5% to 9%

  • Replenish the tax reduction fund.

  • Increase property value exemption to $65,000.

For more details, read this article in the Sunflower Journal.


Allison was born in Olathe, attended Olathe public schools, and now has grandchildren in those same schools, which is why education will always be a top priority for her. In 2019, under the leadership of Governor Kelly, Kansas finally restored adequate and equitable funding to our public schools after more than a decade of neglect. Yet to prepare our students to compete in a global economy, Kansans cannot settle for adequate. Right now, teachers are fleeing the profession due to hostile work environments and inadequate pay, leaving behind a serious teacher shortage. We must act by increasing teacher pay, restoring due process protections for teachers, and making sure that Gov. Kelly achieves her goal of establishing the best and most robust early childhood education system in the country. We must also invest in our public colleges and universities so they are strong and affordable for Kansas residents.


Allison supports expanding Medicaid because the federal tax dollars of hardworking Kansans deserve to be invested here. We have already forfeited an estimated $3 billion in federal funds that could have helped save rural hospitals and provided healthcare to 130,000 Kansans, including 40,000 children.

Mental healthcare is healthcare. Abortion is healthcare. Allison will work hard to ensure every Kansan has access to the healthcare they need.